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The paradigm shift


______Petrea King____ Oh I agree whole heartedly, I think Australia probably lacks behind America little as far as women CEOs are concerned, um, but I think this is a sense of collaboration being something that we really have to move more towards whether you are a CEO of a business or a Charity. As a charity, um, we are collaborating with many other charities now and other organizations to provide our services so that they can go to an ever widening market. You know, we love, we worked a lot with people who are recovering from natural disasters, and, as a charity we could do very little on our own, without the ability to collaborate with most organizations that can help handle various things and also other organizations who can really provide variable services in this same arena that we work that can be complementary. And so rather than that competitive, not wanting to share information, wanting to hold on to recipes, wanting to hold on to formulas, I think the more we freely um, distribute that, then the more we are going to find creative responses to the really significant challenges that we have now on the planet, whether we are talking about the economy, the environment that health system, the education system. All of it is in need of a completely new paradigm that actually is a vision for hope and for future that we all want to be a part of.

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