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Your mind, body, and soul should flow freely with your partner


Relationship is to taken into account three different aspects of individual. The personality aspect which is composed of the physical body, the emotions, demand. Secondly, relationship has to take into account into your soul. In other words, each and everyone of us is here to evolve and grow through our experiences. The third aspect is spiritual component. Each and everyone of us has a spirit having a physical journey. So we have to take into account those three aspects of an individual [inaudible] personality level we come to a relationship with baggage. So that's how emotional baggage conditions responses of how we behave emotionally which may or may not unusually [inaudible] a healthy relationship. We also come into relationship with mental baggage. So that's mental conditioning. Beliefs and mental constructs and constraints that we have that really don't suit our relationship. Now at some level, we can also come in with patterns. Patterns, cross left mirror if you will about relationship so [inaudible] level, we may believe that we're not worthy of relationship or we have experienced of failed relationships. And those things are deep within our soul right? So we project those beliefs and expectations into the world around us. And admittedly, those things come to pass. So looking at ourselves at some level and looking at the patterns that we may be carrying that don't suit us. At spiritual level, we need to understand that we're dealing with [inaudible] spiritual partner. Not so much because often soul mate based relationships inevitably come a drama. A drama after [inaudible] and a bit of a scene in movie actually. So looking for a spiritual partner and it's in my experience that spiritual partner we have a deep abiding feeling of peace. Soul mate type of situation is a scene that's normally more come a drama and obsessive compulsive, can't live with them, can't live without them, can't live with you, can't live with that, without who? Any other personality based relationships primarily those types of relationships are full of expectations, emotional blackmail type of situations, [inaudible] you give me this and I'll give you that. So secrets of healthy relationship, for me, first and foremost, for spiritual based relationship which is a deep abiding peace. And it is so little [inaudible] relationship with one kind of all [inaudible]. And relationship that is personality level announced one to express based of one's personality as opposed to the conditional responses that lead your corrections or defaults [inaudible] in relationship on that.

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