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Wear something colorful to bright up your life


Well for woman it could be quiet easy it's as simple as maybe changing some of the colour your wearing think about and while wearing (inaudible) I'm wearing a lovely pink top as supposed to a black top a lot of us woman say maybe we look to big and we want to minimize it so wear dark colours but come on ladies if you wear dark colours that will affect your mood if you wear a nice bright and cheerful colours you going to be bright and cheerful and for me some of the of the quirky ties could a little bit over the top and I understand but even a stripy shirt can be very business (inaudible) but also cheerful at the same time the other thing (inaudible) is well, why am I feeling dull in the first place am I taking blame for something that somebody else has done to me and why in the world of element (inaudible) about you could only be made feeling fear if you give them permission to do so and use that way of feeling a little bit sadder or than you would do normally have you even tried smiling or having a joke with someone or finding a good friend have a really good (inaudible) laugh and (inaudible) and just reduce stress so quickly and if you finding it tough go find a five year old and a five year old are really get upset for a very short period of time (inaudible) shoulders and brush it off just as quickly so you now find a five year old have a giggle even ice cream now that's interesting ice cream has been proven to make people happy it makes children happy it's going to make us adults feel happy because we can have things that children can have so just think why am I unhappy and what can I do to just lift that moment and colours and ice cream or a laugh is something that you can do very, very quickly so just give it a go.

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