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Mutual agreement for a healthy relationship


Relationships requires mutual Agreement. It requires people to sort of listen more and be willing to compromise with each other not one person trying to be right all the time and good communication skills. Learning to say things in certain way that will not be provocative. Things that you'll say may upset somebody that without you knowing if you are not careful. But in a mutual relationship, in a relationship that you expect to be healthy, then what one really needs to do, what one of the things that one needs to do is to be non-judgmental. You need to make excuses for the other person before a relationship gets out of hand. Say somebody did something that you didn't like or something that upset you, you should assume that the person didn't mean to hurt you. That's how you will remain non-judgmental. You don't assume and stop keeping that counts of wrong doing. You don't remember things that happened three or four days or four years ago. Shut records of those stuff and start things out on a daily basis. That way you have another way or opportunity to upset each other. Be thoughtful with each other, that's a major thing that sometimes people don't know that could be important. If you catch somebody telling a lie , once it destroys the basis of that healthy relationship, because then you'll never know if you can trust that person again. Trust always each other. Don't backstab, don't backbite. Be ready to apologize for things that you have done to upset the other person. Be supportive of each other. Be very willing to record short notice. Share information, good and bad information with each other. Most people are not aware that you must be willing to learn. You mustn't be the only one who has all the answers and try to upstage each other at the nearest opportunity. You must also develop mutual interests. Try to do things together. Do things that you both enjoy doing obviously and find opportunities to laugh together. I think that would sort of help everybody to do well in their relationship.

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