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Attaining excellence by doing your personal best everyday


_______Madison_______: This idea that, you know, our memories are stored? Right? Can we say that? _______Andrew_______: Yes, Yeah. _______Madison_______: They're stored in there, but we just like you were saying, need to really, consider do, do I wanna do a, do I wanna soul search, and do I want, do ahh, you know... _______Andrew_______: A software upgrade. _______Madison_______: Yes, thank you. I love that. You know, like ahh, um, can we use the analogy of Google email, like a... _______Andrew_______: Sure. _______Madison_______: Of all, you know, there's all this searches out there. What are we searching for, in our memory bank? And... _______Andrew_______: Well, in the memory, it's, it's always that, are we looking like this, is, is what we're we taking in, is the glass half full or half empty, right? Of the situation, and you wanna look at it and be lazy and say, well, it's always half empty. And say to the person, well, what is the positive intention of the benefit, by you holding that particular thought the way you see it, that's serving your brain now? And more times that people would say it, for holding this, or for a lack of better word, um, not wanting to see the other part of the creation of how could it intentionally be, allows them to do all these other things their life that even though they may not be the best thing for them, but it does serve a positive underlying intention. So example, you might find somebody that says, you know, I'm on an overwhelmed mode, mode of work, right? And they're saying, there's just not enough time of the day, and yet you hear right down there, they love to micromanage. Because they feel everything needs to be in a perf, perf, perf, perfectionistic state, and my correction is, can you explain to me then, what is the extreme excellence in perfection? To that, that particular client, and more times not, they say, well, there's a very fine line between excellence and perfection. It is though when you say excellence and perfection to yourself, which way has more exciting attached to it? And though, more like they'll say, perfection has it, coz perfection is something they never seem to attain, whereas excellence is something that you can always improve on. But it says that you're coming from a place of doing your personal best, each and every day. _______Madison_______: I love that. _______Andrew_______: And that allows you to step back from the anxiety level of that, it allows you to move forward and realize, okay. I may not be perfect this time but I'm constantly striving for that excellence in my day-to-day life, and just by changing that internal dialogue and saying that to yourself. _______Madison_______: Hmm.. _______Andrew_______: It takes a huge amount of that stress off and then allows that person then to a, delegate, so they can have other religious coming on board, that also will serve as same level of excellence, instead of saying, if it isn't perfect, don't bring it to me. And the second thing which is really good, is the fact now, the person is now realizing that, they need to step back and do what their best traits are. Meaning if its them going out, giving new clients, or work on the product of service, in particular specifically, now they're able to bring all that excellence of that, instead of trying to do everything and have a mediocrity, product, and this basically not being what they want, being an overwhelmed, and in generally, within the first year they go bankrupt because of that. _______Madison_______: Hmm...hmm. If, if, my gosh. I mean, there's a, there's a, there's a lot they can be learn from what you just said, and you know, I was, I was thinking of wow, can we invent our places to business plans? _______Andrew_______: Certainly. _______Madison_______: Like a, rewriting them, and so, is it that, is it, what am, am, am I correct in saying that? _______Andrew_______: Yes. Well, the thing is, if you think about it, I mean, when, when anybody that works together, people have 2 ways of going about it and making their 8, 7 intention, and have ah, ah, ah, what do you call, an understanding of the boundaries at the very beginning, but we usually being generally don't want to hurt anybody's feelings, right? _______Madison_______: Yeah. _______Andrew_______: And the old say, old saying goes, well, we can hurt somebody's feelings and ruin their weekend and save their life. Or we cannot hurt their feelings and ruin their life. And then the... _______Madison_______: And then the whole matter's prospect. Yeah. _______Andrew_______: Right. And that's what I'm saying, when you start of in a business adven, in a business venture, if you set the intention at the very beginning as far as what they do's and don'ts start, not from the perspective of, of, of, how do you say? Of limiting a person's creativity, but letting you know that, we were striving for excellence, not to put up a pin or a perfection on, instead of a person's feeling scared to show where they at, with a particular project to a particular area. Then all of a sudden you bring up all the team effort in, where now you have the collective consciousness taking place which allows each and every individual there to participate in that, instead of feeling of, it's not good enough. So I'm not gonna show it right now until it's ready. And you create exciting not with just yourself but the rest of the team involved. And it's also level of transparency, and also level of vulnerability, I mean, how many people of business want to show up and say, well, this is who I am, as an individual, and these are the areas that are my strengths. _______Madison_______: I mean, that's, it's, it's so relevant, to, to workplace because... _______Andrew_______: Yes. _______Madison_______: I, a, yeah, how many people, I, I'm one of them, I've been there also and you know, where, where you're, you're afraid to be honest, with your boss. _______Andrew_______: Yes. _______Madison_______: Because you don't know what, what the, what you're gonna get back in return. This feedback if you say that. _______Andrew_______: But then, when I question, you already said that, you know I was coaching is, is so, how was that serving you? By not being honest to your boss? What's the positive inten, underlying intentions of that, by you doing that?

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