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Difference between modern and conventional medicine


_____Patricia Mc Adam____ a lot of differences. So modern medicine deals with, its, there's only when something happens, only when you actual have a diagnosis or you have clinical symptoms, then modern medicine can uh, diagnose you. So it's really, it's a lot of, as, as I say, like a lot of band aid approaches. Uhm, although again, you know, I do appreciate what modern medicine has to offer because when you need it, you really need it specially in accidents, in surgeries, etc. So those are the difference, the other difference is to, that, that modern medicine, conventional medicine does not, they focus on just the body and there's a little connection, there's, there's actually very little connection between, the, th- there's no connection actually between the body, mind and spirit. It's almost as if were the body is separate from the mind and the emotions and that's not true at all. Our, our minds are very, very, very powerful, very powerful and affects our uhm, our physical well-being. So, those are the main differences and, you know, that's also what I don't like. I remember working as a nurse in the hospital and just giving medications, medications after medications and without, without seemingly education. So educating them, helping them, empowering people and inspiring people to make those changes in their lives, to, to make those changes so that they become healthier people physically and emotionally. That just does not happen uhm, and I think that it will eventually happen but that hasn't been my experience. So that's what I, that's why I don't like so I felt very frustrated. Uhm, and what I love about what it is that I do is that, uhm, again it's helping people feel really good about themselves, helping people uh, achieve, really empowering beliefs, positive beliefs about their abilities and achieve that balance and that, that mental wellness because it does impact the physical, your physical wellness. It absolutely does.

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