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Meditating tips for type-a personalities


A Type-A personality is very organized, very structured, very disciplined. There's not a lot of room for, what I would almost say, creativity. I'm not saying that a Type-A personality doesn't have creativity or they can't be creative. It's just that it's very structured, it's very linear, and everything is very organized. And to meditate is to create a little bit of space in that day to create a little bit of space for yourself. A Type-A personality is very busy. It is a workaholic. And meditating is not productive, yet that is where I disagree. When a Type-A personality integrates just a five-minute break with the opportunity to meditate, it creates a window for a release. Because Type-A personalities are very high-strung, very organized, and always on the move. And to just sit down and create that time in the calendar, which a Type-A personality would have to do, is literally make the appointment with yourself. You have to create that space in your calendar. It is just as important as any other appointment, any other person, if not more important. Because once you start doing that meditation, once you start creating that space for yourself, the day will change and your life will change forever. The first way I normally recommend a Type-A personality to start meditating is just to breathe. Focus on the breath. It's very similar to a Zen meditation wherein you inhale one, exhale one, inhale two, exhale two. Oh, you have thought about something, you have to start over. But I want to simplify it even more than that to the point where it's like, "oh, I'm breathing!" Inhale. Exhale. And just follow the breath. Just every time you start thinking about something else, bring your mind back to that thought of "I am breathing. Inhale and exhale." And take the timer. Set the timer for five minutes. You've got the phone. Put the phone for five minutes, four minutes, three minutes, and just allow yourself to be in that moment. Oh, you feel guilty about it. Come back to the breath. That's what I would recommend a Type-A personality to start out with. Create a time with a calendar. Make the appointment with yourself not for half an hour but for five minutes. We're talking about five minutes and just focus on your breath. Inhale and exhale. Oh, I need to do this. Oh, this is coming up. Inhale. Exhale. So, all of a sudden, you're gonna laugh about it. That's what I would do. That's the fundamental absolute bare minimum.

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