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Make the connections between your energy and the things you do


Ive known a number of people of the years who and each new year they start with the announcement that theyre going to lose weight this year, this is going to be the year thats going to happen, theyre going to get fitter, theyre going to get healthier and then a couple of weeks later nothings happened the old fashions, the old routines have actually all slipped back into place theyre just seating down the sofa lounging every evening they just, its too much effort that commitment that you to get over that little humped to turn exercises from being difficult to being to something that makes you feel good they dont get there and so Ive really become to realize that you know you have to take much different approach, you have to look at making that connection very, very real in peoples head that their energy level and the foods they eat and their exercise levels and how they feel actually matters so I think its important that we point out the connection to the people who get real sense of when I do this, this happens. One of the challenges Ive given to a number of clients is that Ive asked them to take at least 15 minutes walk at lunch time now I was fortunate that anytime Ive asked to do it had a good weather so maybe this wouldnt have work quiet so easily if the weather had been wet and miserable. Well, what theyve discovered was that by going out of the office and in factual all of them were office based but by going out of the office at lunch time and cheering their head and enjoying a bit of fresh air theyve very quickly made the connection to a changed in their energy level so instead of having a slumped they actually felt better and what are they begin to realize is that once they made that connection for that particular walk then they begin to make the connections with the others and this I think is really important I think thats why people need to be healthier they need to recognize that when they eat healthy, when they take the exercise, when they mind their mental health that each of these things combined allows them to be better able to face the challenges that life brings and goodness knows we all have challenges to face but thats sort of connection actually matters I think also as I get older Im realizing and Ive watched my mom cast away and go through a phase of life when she have no independent living I sort of went I dont want that I want to be as healthy as I can for as long as I can and I want to be able to retire and have a (inaudible) and I think that making that connection between your energies and the things you want to do and the food and diet is all in to connections I think that is what actually matters and its a slow gradual process because if we have that habits we have to replace them with new habits, the habits that give us the energy that we want because we should care it actually matters we will have a better quality of life when we actually look after our health.

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