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The happiness onion theory


Hi, this is called the Happiness Onion Theory. Often when we think about happiness in our lives, we can compare in the level of happiness to an onion. What often happens within our lives is that we get so caught up in choosing our onion that we actually look at the exterior golden , bronze coloring of the onion skin. However, In order to actually make use of the onion for the purpose for which it was actually grown, you need to peel all of the skin away. The skin generally serves no purpose of it to keep the onion on the ground. And obviously, from a personal perspective ,we dont necessarily to be in the ground . What one needs to do is actually to strip away all of these things . The skin of the onion can actually be compared to the materialistic items and things that we decide to collect over the years that we believe will actually make us happy. These are things such as the beautiful home in the nice neighborhood, driving the fancy luxury car that makes all of our neighbors exceptionally envious of us, being able to actually afford to see our children to best possible private schools. Now, not for once moments stating that having goals to actually be successful in life is not a good thing. It is. However, focusing your attention on these things in terms of actually making a person happy is not going to get you there. Happiness is something that is actually within. It doesnt have a price tag attached to it. It is not something that can actually be touched. Happiness is not materialistic. Instead, what it is is being able to participate and enjoy the simple visions of life. Things like watching a sunrise or a sunset, being able to walk along the beach with a loved one and actually just enjoying feeling the sand between your toes. Spending quality time with you children instead of just giving them the instant gratification that we tend to do as parents in order to get them out of our head. What we need to be deciding on right now is, are we choosing to actually be happy or unhappy each and everyday when we wake up. We have this choice to make it is ours that we are able to use freely. Often people says , so and so makes me desperately unhappy. When in reality the only time we can be unhappy is if we actually sacrifice that power and give it to somebody else. I hope that some of the tips that Ive shared with you today would be able to assist you in turning your life around in becoming a more happy fulfilled individual.

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