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The first breath program


_________Jason Sugar___________ it really helps to ground out the work, the inner work that you're doing. It grounds it in time and space, in reality; in quote, "reality." And, you're right, it's, it makes for a very, uh, profound, uh, experience, not just, so it's not just a mental thing, it's not even, or an emotional thing. It's, uh, it's integrated in your body, which makes it real on a whole other level. I've got a program at the YWCA called "First Breath," and that's, it's a registered class there, now, for this season, and so I use their pool, and that's where I, I do the First Breath program. The first evening is a coaching evening, and then the second evening, and then a little bit of dive instruction, which is just a little bit of the theory, and I show them the equipment, so they're familiar with it. And then the second evening, we get, we get in the pool, and we, uh, yeah. Uh, they take their first breath, and we, we put the gear on. They take their, go under water, and, um, before they know it, they're just swimming around like little mermaids, as one client was referring to herself. and, I, at the end of the year ? probably November ? I'm just working out the plans now, I'll, I'll be doing what I call a tropical, a tropical adventure, probably to start off, to start off with in Cancun, Mexico, around the Cancun area, and then I applied to go to Bali. And then, then it's, um, and then it's and in that context I will be doing a seven-day program, so this is a two evening program intro, here in Vancouver, but I plan to do a seven day program, um, where not only am I, not only are we coaching people moving through their fear, and going to actually be diving in the sea, they're gonna be certified as the open water, as a Patty open water diver. So it combines the certification course with the coaching, so it's a longer, more intense, more in-depth, um, program.

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