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Love is the key to happiness


I think what makes people truly happy is love. Loving and being loved, connecting with others and appreciation. I think it all starts with loving yourself. Not in a vain way but in a real deep love and appreciative way and accepting way of yourself. I think that doing what you love and making a career out of doing what you love is so important and can really make people happy and if you don't know what that is I encourage you to seek out what it could be. And doing activities that you love, incorporating them into your life every week. Making personal time for yourself to do that. Having a healthy work life balance is also important to a happy life. And making time for your relationships where you unplug from the stress of your work wee. For other things you just have focus quality time with your love ones and also focus quality time with yourself to have that balance in life which contributes to happiness. And I also think that facing fears is another huge component to be happy with yourself and with your life. Overcoming those odds and raising that self esteem and facing those fears comes great liberation and happiness with yourself and with your life.

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