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Know what your problem is and know who is the best person who can handle it


Thinking how it's hard to do because it involved admitting that you can't do something for by yourself or at least admitting that two heads are better than one. So when trying when is the right time to seek a support of a counselor, coach, psychologist, or other healer, that's a lot of different support systems and you have to think about what your problem is and who is best equipped to handle it. For example, in psychiatric industry, there's a huge diagnostic and statistical manual that until with various diagnostic could fit to survive anyone. So of course, anyone who can find that book, could probably find themselves in the pages. And that's not the point. The point isn't to diagnose everyone on the planet, for mental illness. The point is that people who are having a problem are going to be able to categorize it in order to take a solution. So what that means is, it's time to seek help when you notice severe dysfunction in your life that knows diagnostics manual that usually make references to you. Are you able to pick a job, are you able to have relationships with others that are meeting for. Are you able to care for yourself on a daily basis. If any of these thing are lacking significantly, then I mean you have this [your problem] and you are going to have to reach outside of yourself help. As far as deciding who to go, that' a whole other problem in within our-self. Luckily, in western society, we have access to excellent medicines. Excellent doctors said can be release support of any sort of resources that we use. When I have listen to your problem I go to my general physician. I've know her for several years and she's great. And I can talk to her about anything. And she's going to support me if I want to seek any kind of alternative healing as well. So I recommend for people even if you're turned off like certain kind of help like a psychologist, or like a doctor, or like a faith healer. You can start out by going to a general physician who is not going to attack you or do anything weird. And you can talk about what sort of professional resources you know about that could help me?

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