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Moving or working in different places affects creativity


_______Madison_______: When you said that, bring me a different place, for me personally, I know that when I'm travelling, there's, this, this feeling of, of, of like an inner child in me? _______Andrew_______: Yes. _______Madison_______: You know, and I feel so like a newborn baby, like, every, everything is new, and it's... _______Andrew_______: Yes, that is correct. The experience, there's no familiarity. Yeah. _______Madison_______: Right. Ah, that, would you say that um, that would be something to do with where my creativity comes from, as being in the new setting environment coz I will like that. Please explain it. _______Andrew_______: Every place you go, what you wear, what you eat, is all energy, right? You think about when you, when you're feeling uncomfortable, you look for comfort foods, right? So the things you grab and take, coz you already have a remembrance of what the experience of that is going to bring to you, correct? _______Madison_______: Right. Yeah. _______Andrew_______: So when you look at the menu in a restaurant, are you looking at what the food is, or you're looking what the experience that food's going to be? _______Madison_______: That's true, that, I've never thought over that actually. _______Andrew_______: Correct. Coz that's where you generally look from it, from an, unconscious perspective, what is the best bang or the best thrill we're gonna get out of this. Not based upon the so called, what is the healthiest choice? You know, or this is the best thing for my diet, but it's like, well, hhmm, that's gonna taste really good, become very much, they say, um, gastro and, and, in the sense, we, our taste buds can all live or not going home and that taste really good, and you put some, and if it changes your so called energy around you, continue it with your, your question you have there both, the different places so forth. Um, we, as we go through our day, we constantly, in, in different environments which, which interact with our own personal energy and the people around you, and then also, create to see their sense of being creative or sense of being like a, I'm flat. Meaning the old saying is this, sometimes all you need to do is just move yourself somewhere else to, to change the way you were. It's like when you change your job, or some people go to the extreme, saying, they don't like the situation to move across the country, right? They don't wanna deal with it. And what happens that, situation have fallen with, until they dealt with it. _______Madison_______: Yes. That's, and, and, it's, it's a serious saying that, instead of dealing with the situation in the environment that you are in, and that space, and places, and time, you, you are just dragging it on to with you, wherever you're going? _______Andrew_______: Until you dealt with it. I mean you think of, think about all the different situations in your life. Once you dealt with something, and you can honestly feel that you no longer have, what we, an NLP called the Emission Process, everything in our life is connected to us. Like, like okay. Can I ask you, you know? Where about in your body you experienced your mother, you can say, why mothers checking in my heart, you might say in the example, right? You, my brother is in my back, there's always the paint in the back, kind of thing, or what, or... _______Madison_______: True. Haha... _______Andrew_______: But, but I, dealing metaphorly speaking, when we speak as something as being a part of ourselves, we, we actually associate that unconsciously to a particular part of our body. And you, and we also use those, those aspects of when we're, in our communication language, you always use metaphors to describe something to somebody else. Because it's something that, it's not necessarily directly related to that particular saying, or subject, you might say, oh, that was a really, you know, tasty meal, or whatever, you can order if it taste like, almost like this set. And the other thing, like it was an indirect comparison in order to relate that comparison to something else, so that a person can understand that. It's, it's... _______Madison_______: Right. Right. _______Andrew_______: It's similar to when you tie about how an individual goes to a situation and doesn't deal with it, they might say, well, I'm moving across a country, or getting rid of that person of my life, and yet, that situation crops up all the sun and your job, and then your relationship, or the new, or a manager, their apartment, or whatever the case is, and then why is this happening? And it's, the aspect that you haven't dealt with that, on a conscious and unconscious levels, so you literally are, law of attraction is driving that back in your life saying, hey, you need to get this dealt, before you can move on. And you think about, when you, you finally dealt with a situation, you know it's done, there's almost like a party going, haaaaa..... Yes, it's finally that, and you know not just some an intellectual level but also an experiencial level within yourself.

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