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Love is about living for giving


So what are some of these secrets to a healthy relationship that most people are sadly not aware of. [It liked give me a thinking that, well, what kind of relationship do I have and your mind speaks about this kind of subjects. Well, the relationship I had is with my wife. Her name is Yulia. Spells Y-U-L-I-A. Yulia is a very famous singer in New Zealand, the country where I live and you can look for her on a public website. She's a very attractive woman. She [inaudible]. And [inaudible] do I look like George Clooney? And should I be probably with a woman as beautiful as her. Except for a fact that in spite of me and my personality that I develop that has become attractive to her. And has speak all men can win to attract beautiful one. And of this, is this. It's not being self-orientated. And this is the secret to a healthy relationship that most people are semi not aware of. That when you're self-orientated and you're all about you, what's up for you? I mean, you're not going to attract people who need a little bit of help or want to be love. In fact everybody is [inaudible] for love. We want love. We want to be loved. So this weekend, I'm saying that love or without of love is giving. It's about living forgiving. Think other people orientated, not self-orientated. [Inaudible] behind you, becomes attractive to other people. And we are not aware of that that healthy aspect of relationship. When you attracts the right people to you, and if you do that with an existing relationship, what you'll find is that the minute you cut off yourself and you take along an intimacy for other person and you become that other person orientated, you're looking for ways to make them happy. Because they are pleased, if there are decent reasons, they will absolutely love you back. More love than you could ever be imagine. Just remember the secret is love is giving. Be other people orientated. Works on empathy for them and do what you can to help them to be the best in they can be to help you. That's the secret.

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