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Creating the time to meditate


Kia ora! Carmel Hotai Cochrane. I'm answering the question , what are some strategies to help busy people to take the time the out to create daily meditation? For me, this is a really simple thing to do. It's a natural part of my life at some ignorant would never give up. And the reason for this is, for having one hour time for myself each day, what it gives me is an opportunity to not only refill myself but it enables me to give more to others and if my work incredibly demanding and I am in high demand , I find this a completely no negotiable time that I would never give up. One of the things that I like to do is if you remember back when you were in high school, you had a very clear time table, you hate to not {inaudible} class . You couldn't not go there and I basically run my life like this . So my time table is really clear. So, the first thing that I put it into my time table, is my time for myself . And for me that is my hour each day and I even schedule time at the end of the day. I like to have enough few minutes for myself there as well. And I think that is the most simplest way to do that. And you know, there is many ways to meditate, whether you choose solar meditation through using an mp3 player or youre involved w/ visualization types of meditations or {inaudible} or youre following the path of the guru. You know, there so many different formats. And it's really fun and whats comfortable and what feels naturally right for you. Obviously , having {inaudible} of my life being involved to meditation, I have actually created a meditation w/ the Awaken the hill of program India tour healing . Simply because, I feel it's the most essential thing that anyone can do to be able to really commit into your own and into your abilities . So, simple answers. Schedule it. If you need to put on a reminder and you need to have a "Do not disturb" , only you can put that in for yourself and I can just say to you, if you just try it for 3 days, you will actually notice that you will start to sleep better. You will have more energy and of course, you know, there is somewhat scientific fact about meditation actually might seem healthy and I just wanna say, enjoy. Thank You.

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