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Say what you feel when you feel it


One of the biggest awayness is that I hadn't in terms of a personal relationship was to speak this positive and wonderful loving things that I felt or I thought as I felt them or as I thought them and say them to the person that you feel them this for. So one story that really focus on to me was when my father in-law was telling us about his last months with his wife, my mother in-law she died of cancer and he just said quietly with her how do you handle love because he had told her everyday of their married life together. All the fifty years that he loved her and he told her everyday. So that was the real challenge for me to remember and get out of myself and get out of my head and tell my wife or my kids or someone's made a lovely meal how much I've enjoyed it, that's what I was thinking or that was I was feeling. So it's something simple that makes a big difference. Speak, they can't read your mind as much as I thought they could. Another secret for me, a key leading was being gentle on yourself. Being gentle on yourself, it makes life easier, it makes you nicer to be around, it feels nicer to be around if people want to be around you. They want to share things with you because you have energy. You have life and you have authenticity. It really counts makes things for yourself first when you have something to offer. Be gentle with yourself. So those two things I think that if you can work those you will really find yourself with a lot of love and love to people to love.

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