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Balance between science and spirituality


_________ Cynthia Sue Larson___________ Most of the people that come to work with me, like the fact that I'm balancing between science and spirituality, cause' I do have a degree in physics from UC Berkeley and... I loved quantum physics, the study of...basically what's happening on a quantum level it's the stuff to describing happening in [???] or finding in the last ten months or researchers around the world. These things are happening. And, on a level, you can observe these diamonds in your hand and they can be entangled and moved together. So, when people come to me to do an intuitive or spiritual life coaching session. They usually have personal issues in their lives. Maybe, there's something that they'd like to change. They usually understand that to change the outer, external aspects of their lives they need to make some changes on the inside. And, so that's why they come to me. They just love the way that I frappe the science and follow what's going on in the world and also help them listen to their own intuition. Um, body wisdom, if you will. Just the knowledge that each part of us in our body has. So, if you get a feeling of tightness in your stomach, that's telling you something. _________ J.J. Thiret ___________ So, you get in touch with their voice? _________ Cynthia Sue Larson___________ I do. Yeah, just...and usually before the session I'll tune in and intuitively and get a sense of what's going on for them. Yeah, their high self-level, their middle-self or their lower-self and get a sense of what their divine gifts are. And, I do that that before I talk to them to have an idea of what we're planning to do with the time together. So, it's the best.....

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