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Getting to the place of soul make people truly happy


So, my next question I have, what makes people truly happy? What are some other strange or interesting sources of happiness? You know what , {inaudible} when it comes to this kind of question and maybe my coaching is unique than some people. My assessment is always revolving and is about getting to the ground zero to scaffold what the client needs most. And happiness is in itself needs to be defined and happiness by my definition anyway, means it is well in my soul . So, when we have it is well in my soul, were happy. When we have it is well in our soul, we have peace which makes us happy. And when we have it is well in our soul, we got a lot of craft that is in our soul. We manage soul holes, ok? So, we are happy and happy is joy and so when we look at that with a bit joy and abundant joy. So, what makes people truly happy? It is getting to the place of soul which in itself is a process, ok? Because life has happened for all of us. We all have stories to some degree and I love those stories and I honor them and I respect them. But we were thought by society not to talk with things that were dented and bruised or were sad or angry. We should not talk about it. We should only talk about things that we know most people like to talk about. But at the end of the day, we become guarded, we become dented and bruised and we have learned not to trust people without showing our true self often, our emotions because we didnt feel safe to do so. But regardless of it, theyre still there, our true self is within us and we often are very angry or sad or displaced in our life. And the process to become happy is to get source to that root, to respectfully understand why it happened and then to weed it make changes at those areas to mend those soul holes and to create fireworks in that soul. So, what makes people truly happy then is, wow, is finding somebody initially that they can trust, that they can look down their walls and allow some of the border soul to see their shame, their blame and their guilt, their dented and the bruises, all the things that they believe in negative about themselves, all those lies, to {inaudible} those fears and that is actually a major step one in the process of becoming happy. Because once we can get there, we can truly get that stuff out and we can truly make changes that is well in the soul. Understanding why youre believing negative voice systems about yourself whether they were not true but we need to get to when they were birth and give you a new lense to see why you took that on, why you were believing on those lies and then at the point, you can get through some strategies to change that so you no longer believe those things. They dont have the strength to {inaudible} over you anymore and that you can be happy and you can love yourself and you get to know who you are in this process. You get the name of all the different wonderful characteristics about who you are and youre like , Wow, Im freakin awesome. I had no clue. If I knew that then I wont be allowing these things to happen. I wouldnt be going in these poor relationships. I wouldnt be lacking confidence. I will be doing the things with my life with a purpose and grounded and humble but with passion because I knew myself and that makes me feel happy. So, what makes people truly happy? Well, ultimately, getting to the point where you can find a relationship and then many relationships then that are {inaudible} for you and knowing how to find that, that we can feel safe, that we can be ourselves and that we can allow somebody in our soul to help identify the things that are not well in our soul and to free those things and then put wonderful things in our soul that are accustomed for us that make us happy so that we feel well in our soul, we feel we are making a contribution in this world that are like matters, we feel rich because we are doing things that precisely rocks our soul with the people that rock. So,

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