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Understand the difference between happiness and joy


When I talk about the notion of what is it that creates happiness and what are some sources of happiness and its funny because I am not going to look away but at this point, I am happy going on the background and I know that I really enjoy watching those guys go out there with that {inaudible} and a recreational fight doesnt hurt so that basically, I can have a break from the pressures of work and it keep things in perspective and for that anyway, I can get out of the thinking doing mode. But I think the true source of happiness really begins with I have to be at peace with myself and I have to understand the difference between happiness and joy. To me, Joy is a deeper level and a more consistent level. Happiness, I think thats what we all really seek. So sources of happiness for me, tend to be good health and all these things certainly being a place for not having to be concerned about financial matters. So, taking care of business if you will but that I recognize that happiness really enjoy come more from the inner being if you will and that its up to me to get up in the morning and to say to my daughter, I often say it, Lets make a great day. And it starts with that attitude. Perhaps {inaudible} saying, This is the way the world is made and so I choose to be glad and rejoice in it and mean it. So, I am not looking to extra more sources for happiness but I am really looking for internal anchors if you will and keeping the right perspective. I think for me, when you go on a mission trip, whether you happen to {inaudible} individual, it tends to have that at least temporary reaction or impression that, Look at me. How can I dare focus on what I dont have. And so again, I think that would be another key point to having a high level of joy and happiness in my life. And so, I am looking at really prioritizing life starting at whats most important to me and keeping perspective and when I start getting down, sometimes Ill go back to my blessings list and just review it and that is to bring me back to reality. And what other things that comes to mind, happiness for my wife and I is to create a LFTE and we made that up, it stands for Look Forward To Event. It seems that if we have one Look Forward To Event each day and we may have more than that. It doest have to be huge and certainly not expensive but something that she and I both if were gonna do that together, would really just bring up a high level of joy. Or in some cases, if shes going one way and I am going another, I will have a LFTE. I may go have steamed oysters out at my favorite marina but in any case, I still believe though that the best bet is to look internal and in my case, to look in terms of making distinction between joy and happiness in seeking joy and thats more realistic where I confirm.

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