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Emotional intelligence is very important to be learned by people


I think market is.. really rely on peoples probably lack of emotional intelligence. You know, we see an ad we react to it. If we change just one letter and the word react we get create. So sometimes, the smartest thing we can do is do nothing or say nothing. But so often, our emotions controls pretty much everything we do. We get anxious when we cant buy food, what we drink, we get drugs. Its not really the way to do it but you know, bringing up kids and teaching them to be smarter. Their emotional, their smarter , or spiritual intelligence is not something seen or was taught in my days. Its something that {inaudible} I had lesson {inaudible} mistakes and Ill probably make a few more about how we are going to learn from those mistakes. I think that it starts on it being overrated {inaudible} more of the opposite underrated. When I was selling things, youre looking for hot buns and things. Thats just the lack of intelligence emotionally that salesman used to do. My father used to sell an insurance and he did it through a network but he would come home from sales conferences and telling me, you know some of the tricks that{inaudible} in England like cars would get up on their disc and they would walk around on their disc talking to someone they find. Because I felt it would make them sound more, have them a lot more posture and more authority which really I think if you share the benefits of anything to somebody, general people are smarter enough to pick it up whats really going on. So, emotional intelligence, I think its very important that people learn about that. I think a very poor example of how to share intelligence to someone else is through an IQ test. I think theres much few standards and I think if you read through Golden {inaudible}Book to Learning Revelation . Youll find a lot of really good information in there. After all, Kevin Roberts is {inaudible} and makes it up around the world who says every business and parent should have a copy of that book and theres a lot of really good stuff in there. Thanks very much!

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