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Life is a journey and one person can definitely make change


_______Kyla Tustin_______: we are creating the environment so that more and more people are opening up to understanding that life is a journey and it's a great opportunity, wanting to be themselves fully, and so as more parents, as more teachers, as more people in our roles are opening up, then children they make our behaviors, and so we really do have that opportunity like often say that one person can't make change, but of course they can, imagine the number of people that you interact with, and the world is creating this new global environment that one person can make change, and there is this one tech video, one girl think that she is only 14 and she's up there talking about all of these type distractions, and shows you that the you are earning for this understanding and i think that there are people that are stepping up to support them on that direction as well

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