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Believing in god makes you less fearfull


I feel very strongly about faith in god I have faith in Jesus Christ I believe that Jesus is my heavenly father and that I am his son I am saved by his blood I am saved because he died on the cross for me for my sins and through him I have salvation I believe that he is like my well sort of like a fairy god mother of swords in the sense that I can talk I can talk to him about all of my problems and that he will take care of all my problems for me and he is always there to listen to me and I can talk to him in any language that I know and he will always listen to me and once you I have the belief that he is my lord and savior I have this feeling and belief in my heart I have accepted that and because of that I have no fear about anything because I know that Im taken care of I know that no challenge is too strong because it's not just me, I have him and with him he is the god of the impossible with him anything is possible so this is something that helps me to get go on the challenges of being an entrepreneur being my own boss being or taking charge of my own company my business and this is a very scary proposition and it's not for the famed of heart so this is possible if you have support if you have somebody thats got your back and I believe that god has my back Jesus has my back so I can do this with his help and with his blessing and with his mighty righteous grace so maybe people dont agree with me on that maybe they're agnostic maybe they're (inaudible) maybe they're you know whatever but thats something that I strongly, strongly believe in and this is something that has really, really helped me heavily hugely in my life and it's something that I think I dont that can help you as well specially if you're feeling fearful all the time because once they accepted in to my heart that was it you know it evaporated all the fear Im not fearful anymore Im not anxious anymore I know that no matter what happens Im going to be taken care of Im not going to be wanting for anything god had says so you know in the bible that you know if god can take care of the boards on the trees by (inaudible) take care of you know his children, me, so it says it right there he's never going to forsake you so all you need is a desire in your heart to accept him as your lord and savior and then your life will be different so thats something that really, really works for me and I know that you know if you would have (inaudible) who is watching this is feeling a little bit fearful or anxious or something I think that this is something that can truly transform your life and I hope that it does.

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