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How some recent discoveries have really contributed to understanding


Yes, Im trying to agree with the statement that wisdom science is just starting to really find its fit. And this is not to depreciate the contribution that science has made over the last few centuries , but rather to highlight how some recent discoveries have really contributed to a different understanding of our world and what is it that makes us tick in a particular positive or negative way. And I am going to give a couple of examples, in a particular , the work of Candace Pert with opiate receptors. This was way started in the 70s and identified these receptors that really enable us to catch on molecules that make us feel good equally , enables us to avoid those aspects of our behavior that's negative . This has had a number interesting of consequences . One was the realization that there is such a thing as cerebrum memory wherein up to day, it had been really believed that memory resided entirely in our brains. So, it's really good to feel that, you know, all our cells have memories. So something that happens, trauma, in your arm, or something with your arm is remained but locally as well as in your brain. So, that was great. The other incredible discovery is the fact we can actually improve the way we feel and we can improve our healing . We accelerate our healing and this is largely the beginning of the era of Psychoneuroimmunology which has been very useful for people with potentially chronic{inaudible} conditions. Another example, is the work of Bruce Lipton and many others but Bruce has been a great catalyst in spreading the impact of epigenetics. Now, up to then, most people tend to think that the effect was determined by the genetics but it's clearly evident that we are in a position to modify what we've been born with. And that is largely by the way in which we interact with the environment but by consciously wanting to make a change. So, the understanding of how these labels play in our own body , in our sort of ability to be healthy. This is major, really major and it's a really significant recent shift . On a more non-biological side of science, and that is really outside of my field but I'm just mentioning something here which I find fascinating and that is lastly, the confirmation of the {inaudible} person. Now , I'mlittle examples like this gives me great confidence and inspiration that there's still so much to be learned about ourselves in our world. So, I really look forward for what days to come. Each more step makes a difference and each more step will contribute to the way which we can see the world and In a way, to feel better and to contribute to sustainability .

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