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Learn to schedule all of your time


Youve got to know what your time is. Most people say , Oh I work some worklife balance. What is work-life balance? I always {inaudible} back to them {inaudible} there is no work-life balance , just life. So, if you wanna have time out, you find yourself shaking in any work commitments , some family commitment s and all of those things , we used to have to share the ME commitments and once you shared all your life and you be present in the moment and you take some time to have quality , once youve made that schedule, you find you got time for yourself for some quiet meditation time. And being present in the moment doesnt mean that you have to spend hours and hours. You just have to be conscious that each part of your schedule you have to be very aware that that is what youre doing, that is your focus. And then when your time changes, you focus again but on the new part of your schedule . So, this isnt about trying to sit there quietly while speaking about your business, what invoices that you havent sent . This {inaudible} are taking the matter {inaudible} and focus on me and in the next day, Im focusing on my business. So, being presentin the moment. So really , you really gotta learn to schedule all of your time, not just the work time . Dont disturb us {inaudible} your personal time as well. In that way, you can sit to it and manage it and you can find yourself some {inaudible} time.

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