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Being emotionally present and emotionally available


I think one of the things that really works well to develop a healthy relationship is be cognizant of the emotionality there. You really have to be emotionally present with someone vs for someone. Theres a difference there. When youre emotionally present for someone, youre there. Youre trying to fix the persons situation as though you are not the party to the relationship. So,,youre standing apart and trying to throw it out at someone whos standing there naked and shivering. When youre emotionally present with a person, its that amount to standing with the person wrapping it out around here when shes naked and shivering. I hope you can see the difference, so when youre emotionally present with someone and emotionally of course available to that person, persons feelings and emotions, persons sensitivities, persons sensibilities, you build a relationship thats not only enduring but also collaborative and over time, in my view, much healthier and being in that situation where you are trying to fix things for others or trying to give them the answers and all that can be great. Youll be helpful but youre really not being emotionally helpful or emotionally available with the person.

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