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Using your bank account of time to do things you really enjoy


Hi! My name is Glyn Maclean. I'm from New Zealand. I'm going to talk about using your bank account of time to open up option to some movin', the passions that you have in life. To do the things that you really enjoy. So let's talk about your bank account of time. We all have 168 hours. One hundred and sixty eight hours would much to do anything we want. We're equal in this [inaudible]. So time applies the same to everyone. So how was that some of people can never slit time to do the things that they are really passionate about, things that they really enjoy. Whilst others, a stuck in a rot, of being a servant to another master doing something that you really don't like. And what dragging you down and making you the [inaudible] is just horrible. So to [inaudible] your bank account time which is 168 hours a week each have throughout the week. What we need to do is try and count the time and to [inaudible]. So we've got cleared old time that we used in a job and the things that we needed to suit that job. But this is a chunk of time that we've got. We probably managed and get a bit [inaudible] rolled up about complaining, mourning, but we're not doing anything constructive. But if we can move that time frame and to do something really constructive towards our passion. We will [inaudible] slowly transition to result our passion by doing the thing we really love. So how do you get there? Well, you go get there by doing a little and often. If you did something, a little something everyday. So think positive to move into more step. Let go of living not in passion. And you will slowly move across the step. What you got to do is look at those between we want now and we want to be. So if you take we want now minus we want to be, or at least [inaudible] required to be we want to be. Give a serious task to do. Write it down and then chart that 168 hours week if you can. In reality, it might mean for some of you that busy working one, two, or three jobs that be taking at a [inaudible]. But hey, help! You have to cut. You caress [inaudible]. You can play a cd, mp3 or something in the car. Listen to it and study. And for some people it could be a half an hour to near an hour and a half a day of each way going from work. Then you've got breaks lunch breaks, tea breaks, coffee breaks. You have time alone in the restroom. You have all kinds of time throughout the day that you can apply to move yourself forward. So do little and often to be who you want to be. Find yourself moving towards your goal and happiness.

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