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Inspiring the type a person to establish daily meditation


The Type A personality is driven by a passion for life that comes from within and they seem to have a need to keep busy all the time in the sense of not having enough time to do all that theres to do. So, if they ran out of things to do, theyll create something. And that means that taking time out for daily meditation might seem counteractive to their sense of purpose in life which is to keep busy and to be productive. One of the keys to establishing any kind of habit is motivation. Its easy to claim a purpose that appeals to ones sense of values when the potential benefits of meditation are none. So, I would say thats key for inspiring the Type A person to establish that daily meditation habit is to know what the potential benefits are. One of the benefits of meditation is to energize the mental power and another is to maintain the physical health. Well, guess what? All the things are Type A persons feels compel to do require both mental and physical stamina. That understanding alone can provide a strong motivation for a Type A person. Another strategy that works is to use a mantra meditation and that type of meditation provides a single word or sound for the mind to focus on and repeat over and over. It seems too simple but it gives the busy mind something to do more than meditation experience is having {inaudible} and when Type A personality is having a concept of meditation as doing something rather than taking time out to do nothing, they dont feel like the time is being wasted but it is being used to accumulate energy and thats exactly what its doing. Another strategy that helps get the meditation started is to design a general daily structure that includes a 15 minute meditation. Some people said a specific time of day for their meditation but what I think works best and what works best for me is to it before or after another activity thats done everyday. That way, the sub conscious relates the two and if one is done, the task seems unfinished without doing the other. With repetition, the connection of the two activities will become a habit that contributes to the overall sense of well being and some of them will produce some of the other benefits of daily meditation. The Type A person might also find it helpful to post a list of meditation benefits near the place of meditation. This kind of helps the subconcious memory of why were doing it then they would start their meditation by reading the list for inspiration that would serve as a reminder of the purpose for the meditation and make it a joy and rather than a chore or self discipline

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