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How yoga changes our way of thinking


________JJ thiret__________ How do you feel now compared to, you know, IT professional, making the money, et cetera, et cetera? Do you feel different now than you did then? Tell us how do you feel. What's different? What's different? ________Umang Goel_________ Umang: This is what is different. I feel like I'm gathering blessing. People may not even know, but I'm gathering blessing every moment, every moment, and I see the impact I'm making to people right in front of my eyes. When I was working at AT&T and working on all those corporate related stuff, yes, that was also making a difference, but I was very far removed from being able to see the difference. I was doing my work. I was enjoying. Everything I put myself into, I enjoy it. I just make myself enjoy it. I'm very thankful to AT&T in the 20 plus years of my life. That is how I was able to grow my kids up, because it allowed me to do that. But, then, when I found yoga, I said, "Wow! No amount of money can beat this, no amount of money." And, like I said, to me, it's not just a yoga. It is meditation. It's control of breathing practice. It's the physical aspect. It's the nutritional aspect. It is how I lead my life. It is how I think. My perspectives changed, the same woman who was looking at the same thing one way. Now, my dimensions have expanded. Now, I'm able to see... Everybody is so beautiful. (Laughs) The colors are brighter. The sky is bluer. The grass is greener.

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