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Being honest to your coach and living your passion will give you more value


_______Andrew_______: are they really, living their passion? _______Madison_______: Right. _______Andrew_______: I mean, can I ask you that question? Are you living your passion right now? _______Madison_______: Of, oh, really? _______Andrew_______: Yeah, I'm asking you. _______Madison_______: Yes. _______Andrew_______: You didn't say that very convincing, right? _______Madison_______: Really? I did that? _______Andrew_______: No. _______Madison_______: Alright. Yes!! _______Andrew_______: That's better! The reason I'm asking that, coz some people say living their passion and then you, you'll pro well for this saying, this is what I needed to be doing right now, in order to be living my passion, later on life. _______Madison_______: Oh. _______Andrew_______: Like if money, if you had, money was not an object, and time was unlimited, what would you be living differently in your life right now? _______Madison_______: Um, I think I would still be doing this, um, I might be doing it on a, on a, like I said, I love to travel, so probably would be, you know, taking it with me everywhere I go. Hahaha. _______Andrew_______: From a coaching perspective, sometimes my client comes to me, what they're initial intention is, what they're looking for? _______Madison_______: Alright. _______Andrew_______: It's not really what they're, they're, it's almost like a stop cap, they're looking at well, how can I get to my next step, and I always stretch them further. A, a great coach is somebody who, who takes your vision, and then, ups to 2 or 3 times beyond that, if not more. So it becomes something more it's like, wow, that's really big, it's like, well, if that is where you wanna end up going with this, isn't it? _______Madison_______: So you're taking me from a bronze level to gold medal? _______Andrew_______: Yup. That's a great way of putting it. Yes. _______Madison_______: I love. _______Andrew_______: And the whole idea is, it's not my interpretation of what needs to be doing and you need to be doing and you're like, but soon the process of, of questioning, I mean, if you go on my website there, you got the link, there's an actual pre-client form that you can fill out, that actually takes you through the whole process, of what it, where, what works or doesn't work, where, where you wanna go with your life, and so forth. And from that, that form I generally do a 90-minute to hour session with the clients. Going over the material to really, pursue where they being brutally honest with me about this. It is telling me what I need to hear, and if not, um, it's more that I'm, why is it they feel they catch you up, a 100% in their lives? Like one question is I'm gonna use the client's is, is if you're to put a price tag on, on who you are, value wise. What would that be? _______Madison_______: And, and, how do they respond to that question? _______Andrew_______: I had from one million dollars to a billion dollars, and then my next question is, how did you come to that figure? _______Madison_______: And? _______Andrew_______: What creates value, in being interest and some of them saying, based upon what they spent in schooling, what they need to get themselves out of debt? Um, what do you project that their, their idea that they have for their upcoming business or thing that they wanna do is going to bring them value wise? _______Madison_______: Hmm... _______Andrew_______: So each person has a different way of inter, interpreting value in their fingers, coz the answers they give back to me, shows me the model of the world that they use at how they value and judge things in their lives. _______Madison_______: So you really able to dissect the person, for that person, I mean, you must be, it must be as challenging it has for you, coz every person has difference. And you really have to look at that person, on an individual case per case scenario basis, right? _______Andrew_______: It's, it's each person had, everybody has their own way of how they interpret, the way they wanna speak it. Some people may be more visions, or I see that, or I hear that, or I feel that, or I taste that, you know, they use the old, that particular predicate set. We call a sense-free acuity and NLP's listening, what is the preferred dialogue? Like I'm sure you bring this sometimes, a presentation of that person, like we're talking very auditory, we're going, you know, I didn't see that picture because that person's not putting pictures in their dialogue, or vice versa. You know, and, and the idea is that, if you, if big issue, with couples nowadays, is the fact, of not having miscommunication in the sense of talking, is the fact that, one individual, the couple could be very kinesthetic, they use very touchy feeling words, right? _______Madison_______: Right. _______Andrew_______: Or the other person can be very much visual in their words, and you had a conversation going on and the person, outside the conversation going, these are people thinking they're communicating yet, one person's going, you don't wanna hear me, or you don't see what I'm saying, you don't feel what I'm saying, you know, you know, and so forth. And yet, if you listen to those words carefully, each one is correct in what they're saying, but the other person isn't speaking back to that person in their preferred, um, what is it to say? Pre, preferred sensory of acuity dialogue, be it one in visual, in auditory, and kinesthetic. _______Madison_______: Oh, wow. _______Andrew_______: And especially business conversation, you can find that would, people when they're listening, if you can match them, on what they're seeking, then, and in the type of wording they use. Then all of a sudden, you go find it, wow, this person is really listening to me.

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