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How can meditation help your kids counter todays technology


__________Laurel__________ we are struggling right now to have actual down time in our households, we don't have that, we come home from work, we come home from school, we do our homework, we will far dinner down and then we're off to our activities. __________Madison__________ Right, right. __________Laurel__________ And we don't have that shhh time and then so-so let's take it to or a three year old who you know you are moving, transitioning, shifting, changing, running around, doing this um their little bodies are growing so fast, we're actually [?] their sleep and they need to sleep. __________Laurel__________ these over I will say over stimulated, over excited toddlers well they're a little bit older that toddlers but preschoolers don't know how to quiet themselves. __________Madison__________ Uhum. __________Laurel__________ Every time there's some sort of disaster um ill call it a disaster uh whether it's a weather disaster you know whether it's a land disaster whether it's you know some sort of horrific situation. __________Madison__________ Yeah __________Laurel__________ You know the news channels pick it up and just run with it and it's on every single channel and the news interrupts you know even children's programming sometimes if its-if it's something that you know there's, so these kids are being exposed to concepts and thoughts and ideas way beyond their cognitive development and it's-it's and-and the technology itself um you know those I-pads and then I-phones and all those things a friend of mine is a neuropsychologist here and she's saying that you know often we stick our kids in their rooms with their little technology piece and she said what's happening is the light from the technology pieces mimics day light so if you've got that thing going they don't have a chance to fall asleep because the-the-the light actually is mimicking day light so their brains recognize it as a daylight situation and so they don't shut off. So the-so meditation is one of the things I discovered when I first started working with these kids um to help them fall asleep at night.

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