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Chemical synapses in the human brain


__________JJ Thiret__________ I have a degree in psychology I didn't go as far as you do and I have the ultimate respect foryou being a clinical psychologist butwhen uhm...and I actually went to school a little bit laterin my life and I was doing psychology, it's been a while now it's been a dozen years ago but there's been a lot of talk about in, in uhm... psychiatrists use it, it's used the psychological circles that of chemical imbalance I have a chemicalimbalance and I'm taking this drug and it's balancing the uhm...from what I know there is no empirical evidence that somebody with depression may have a what's referred to as a chemical imbalance, I know that while learning uhm...I've seen CAT scans of people with schizophrenia and their CAT scans is different than that of one withoutbut what about this all this talk aboutchemical imbalance? Here's do you subscribe to that? __________Timothy Hayes__________ Well, like everybody else I've been exposed to that talk, but I've never seen the research that saysthey even know how an anti-depressant works. : I've actually read research that gases or has a theory that says the transmission of nerves doesn't even occur as they have thought by the passage of chemicals in and out of the cell wall to producing the electrical spikebecause literally the movement of electricity, its rate of speed, is too slow to account forthe reactions that happen. So... __________JJ Thiret__________ So the synoptic gap in where there's a neural transfer... __________Timothy Hayes__________ Well the theory is that that that traveling along the nerve is more vibration and the synaptic gap is are real thing, nerves don't touchand as far as they can tell the only way they communicate iswhen warner fires, it spits chemicals out the end then if the surrounding the nerves have enough of..of a sensitivity and if enough of those chemicals get on surrounding nerves then these nerves know that this one fired. And as far as I can tell that's how one nerve communicates with another. But how does that impulse travel down the nervethey're even debating that so the..the most recent things I've read are just guesses about how an antidepressantactuallyworksto relievethe symptoms of depression. __________JJ Thiret__________ Right, supposedly there's selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors right? __________Timothy Hayes__________ And the theory there is that it makes serotonin available in the gap longer. because once the nerves spits out the serotonin, immediately enzymes come out of the nerve to grab any leftover serotonin and pull back to the nerves so it can be used again. Well if it doesn't spit out enough serotonin or if there are too many ofthose enzymesthat come out and grab the serotonin too fast in these nerves don't get enough serotonin on them and they don't know that this never fired and so the communication breaks down but again that's just a theoryit hasn't been proven it's like the germ theory. They still call itthe germ theory because it hasn't been proven.

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