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3 cs of a healthy relationship


There are so many different types of relationships . That every relationship is how the people involve relate to or interact with each other. Not all relationships are meant to be entering it. Knowing the purpose for relationship of any kind in which you are involve helps tremendously and setting boundaries that are known to all parties can sound crucial. Relationships don't have to be a lot of work if they are healthy. It's just maintaining the health. One secret I know about healthy relationships is that they depend on the 3 C's as I call them-Compatibility, Communication and Cooperation. Think about it. Compatibility can be natural or it can also be achieved by choice or will, either way. It is a result of sharing of on purpose and non-conflicting ideas about how that purpose can be supported by all concerned whether in the workplace, at home with your children, with your spouse, with your lover, with your friends. There has to be an assumed or a known purpose that can be supported by all concerned. If compatibility is not there, attempts at the other 2 C's which are communication and cooperation will only produce frequent conflict and increase the incompatibility which leads to a very unhealthy relationship.

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