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One simple thing to eliminate stress and negativity


______________________Leona Wallace_________________ So, I just teach him one simple move, this one simple thing. Do you want to know what is it? Some what's to your face, (Laughs) Basically, ok, basically, I get them on just shake your hand, and put it on your heart, sometimes they don't know where they heart is, and I get help and find it, take a deep breath, and I say, how was that feel? And so, throughout the day, when things are coming up, and challenges are happening, or something's feeling like a struggle, put your hand in your heart, take a deep breath. I can really feel about this. Wow! Imagine if we thought our children how to do this. They have brush lines, and they have to analyze it, and they have to figure it out. Because there's no figuring out here, everything in the Universe I believed is based on feeling. Feelings of vibration, so let's get where the feeling is right here and how do I feel about this? If we based all our decisions, how we feel. Life would be so much simpler, but there's a process now, that we have all this going on, it's a process to get back here so physically putting your hand on your chest, or your heart, and asking how do you feel, if at first, it seems like awkward, but that will becomes a habit, and you start to make questions to your life differently. Everything, I do it for business, everything. Obviously, I'll be seeing it on restaurants something like... "How do I feel about this?" Do I [[to be sure??]] like I do for everything at all. Even my kids are just rolled their eyes "Oh, Mom!" But you know, they starting to do it too. ________________________Madison_______________________ Aha, Hmmmm... _______________________Leona Wallace_____________________ Like just think about that the kids are on the playground and then they are like, "How do I feel about this?" like "Do I want to play over here, do I want to this?" It's not about pure pressure or anything; it's about how they feel. What are their feelings? Yeah we've lost that, but that we feel.

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