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Getting into the habit of doing daily meditation


Being a Type A personality, I know you are not going to schedule any time for yourself. Youll get to the end of the day and think, Oh damn, I forgot to do my daily meditation practice. One way of training yourself and getting into the habit of doing a daily meditation practice is to schedule an appointment with yourself in your planner everyday then sooner than later, perhaps 10-15 minutes early in the morning before you start your day. Two reasons why. Firstly, your mind is least active in the morning when you wake up . And secondly, its a good way to start your day. Though it seeks the place of how you will be in that day. From a place of being centered and more grounded rather than rushing out the door the last minute. Secondly, what I could recommend you do is find a guided meditation. I know youre gonna struggle to shut your brain off. Those thoughts about, Oh, my dear, {inaudible} do about this deadline etc etc is gonna take away your 10-15 minutes of being calm and quiet and centered. Its important to find a guided meditation with the voice of a female or male depending on your preference that is soothing and not irritating. Because if its irritating, youre gonna get really mad and give up on a daily meditation practice. So, find, go and explore daily meditation practices that resonate deeply with you that you find that your body relaxes too. The third thing I can suggest you do is become conscious of your breathing and what I mean by this is, a daily meditation practice, in order to become good in terms of what youre doing and quieting the mind, the key is to become conscious of your breath. So, when you are meditating is use your breath to calm yourself. Its an old saying, Take ten deep breath . Start trying it. In order to get you out of your head and in to your body, I suggest putting your hand on your heart so you can feel your body, you can feel your heart rate and each time you take a breath into your nose, and off your mouth, you can feel your body relaxed and moved . And do it slowly and gently. Now, if you do tend to struggle the guide of meditation, what I would suggest you do, if you dont want to do that is use some calming music and perhaps pick a mantra, a saying that you can say over and over again that will keep you focused on something in particular. A daily meditation practice is an excellent way to reduce your stress. Being a Type A busy individual, youre gonna be stressed to the max. Your health is gonna be affected and youll find that if you do your daily meditation on a regular basis, your life will be a lot more different that it is currently at the moment. The other thing about meditation, the perception about meditation that you have to sit quietly and on for hours, that is not necessarily the case. Meditation could be walking in the park, walking in the nature in silence. Just being present. The purpose of meditation is to be present in the moment, not worrying about the past or worrying what the future has to offer to you but being present in that moment. So, if youre struggling with anything in terms of sitting still, go and take a stroll in the forest or the park and just be in the moment , be aware of the sounds, the scenery, everything around you, thats another side of meditation. To sing with gardening, if you are gardening, you know, planting your plant, you just {inaudible} moment gardening away. Its a type of relaxation. I hope these tips are helpful for you and can help reduce any stress that you might be experiencing at this moment in time.

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