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Some factors that set us back


_____Sue(Bowe) Mckee ____ I would say negative emotions in general, are one of the things that cripple people or at least immobilize them, and fear is the big one. Fear is a really, a really big pattern that's been running. It is usually driven by a limiting belief. So, we get to the root of what delimiting belief is, and so we go through life and we actually... We call delimiting decisions, because we recognized that at some point we decided to believe that belief. If you can imagine a little, a little three year old, and that's, because doing pirouettes in their other grandmother's house and they are all there for big Sunday dinner, and all of the sudden she did another pirouette and boooom! She hits in, the grandma's antique T-Set of a counter, and everyone's open arms, "Oh my Gosh! How can you be such a [[cleps??]]?" And little in that never dances again, because in that moment, although it was conscious in that moment she decided that she was [[conzie??]]. Because of what people said to her, and it happens to us all throughout our lives, and if we can decide to believe something, we can decide to unbelief it, or we can decide to let it go and believe something else. And so that's one of the ways that we make... we actually go and make the changes that they have in the conscious level. When we do work one on one with individual leaders, and the... and we'll rewire those belief systems. So, the fear... fear is a really big, a very powerful strong emotion that keeps us stop and locked. But those... those fears are usually driven by limiting beliefs or limiting decisions as we call them.

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