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Have faith and courage to look at yourself


_____Patricia Mc Adam____ we're all in the same place, like we're all humans, we all have our own flaws, we all have our own, our own fears, our own limiting beliefs and our stuff. We just have it on different scales and we're all in the world together and really, it's, it's not about this level of stuff and crap that you have, it's how you deal with it, it really is. It's strategies and tools and that's, I think that's a metaphor for life, it's like strategies and tools to, to get you through. To get to where you want to be. Really, and I think that the, the people like the Marianne Williamson and, and Jack Canfield and Joe Litali and all those people. They just simply, they're successful because they deal with their stuff. And because they use tools and strategies to help them. So it's not that they're above us or that they're more worthy or that they started out in life, you know, I mean, look at Oprah, right? I mean, Oprah's a prime. She talks about her struggles and yet, she's a very inspiring, successful woman. She really is. But it's about having the faith and the courage to look at yourself and your stuff and all that ugly stuff. And you'll, all your, the ugliness and the beauty is well that we have inside. And, and to phase what's not working, what we want and to have faith in our future and, and to dream, to allow ourselves to really dream. Well that's what, I want to, to say to people and remind people, you know.

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