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Keeping your mind, body, and spirit together will help you find your purpose


I have been on one of the most remarkable journeys this past 4 years, a journey of consciousness awakening of understanding at a deep level how the heart, mind, body and spirit are all interconnected and I can only share with a (inaudible) or worst for me, when I am living my purpose Im aligned with my purpose I send out to the universe, this desire it says I really want to share with the world this new relationship technology of the heart, mind, body and spirit and the universe is how like the universal supplier it says okay, we, we get what you want to create and its sends back what I need and how I often receive that information is through my body as energy and people say its like you just know, I just know that Im supposed to do what I am supposed to and how am I supposed to do thats, thats how I get I cant even expressed it have, initially have the time but I know in my body because Ive opened up that channel to receive what the universe wants me to know, its kind of like just sometimes supply all the resources information that need to know in order to live my purpose and do what Im here to do. That reception in my body of that energy eventually turns into thoughts and those thoughts then become ideas and those ideas then become when I started track ting a (inaudible) the right person shows up the resource I need appears, I see all these connections being made in a way that turns these desire that I initially send out to the universe and then the universe sent back to me as supplied the answer to becomes then actions, it becomes a business, it becomes a relationship with a new colleagues, it brings me clients, it starts to translate into something very (inaudible) and tangible in a way I never have ever experience before so I invite you to take a deeper dive in to this relationship technology of the heart, mind, body and spirit it is a wonderful adventure to be on.

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