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Think about what will really make you happy and go and find it


Ok, so this is really an important thing. If you hate your job and you really dont like what youre doing, your professional life then the first thing that you need to do is to admit it. What is exactly why you have that now? Because sometimes {inaudible} the thinking that its ok, its just going to be a stop, I just going to do this for now and then, next thing you know, five years have gone by or ten years have gone by and it really becomes a struggle because youll say, I really hate this and youll just feel like that. {inaudible} round and round in circles and you dont feel like gaining in a way, youre lucking an engagement in life, you lose your energy, you lose your passion and you just {inaudible} to it. Now, I speak from experience. I have been in that position where there were days when I was in my corporate career where I was so bored and I remember thinking, Ok Im here for eight hours. Im about to waste eight hours and that was a really scary thought. And I think were here for a limited time so why dont we make that time absolutely the most powerful, the most fun and the most enjoyable, rather than doing a job that we hate to do. I remember reading a great quote about how we get in the car, get off in the car and we need to pay for and we have a home and you know, youre travelling in a car to get to a job that you can pay for your car and to get to pay for the home that you dont actually spend any time because youre at work.I think sometimes, how have we created this reality? So, What I love to do in my business and in my work and the clients that I work with is really help them to get past that and to really embrace what are these that they love to do and how their business can be an extension of who they are and how they expresses who they are. And that for me is just such a joy to see because you see people come alive. You see people who are {inaudible} in the morning, who really are just jumping off bed and get to get started and youve seen people who are just so much more connected to that soul and that spirit because they are doing something that they love to do. And on the other hand, you still see people who are going through emotional defuel.Its probably the best way that I can describe them.{inaudible) doing your job, hating it. So, if you are at that position, the first thing you need to do is to say, Ok, this is not, this is not me anymore. Dont give yourself a hard time that youd been in that position to maybe having ten years. Dont give yourself a hard time about that. What you do need to do is say, Ok, thats enough. What am I going to do for now? and in some of the work that Ive done, ask that question what youre gonna do because I dont know because no one will know and Its not meant to be a challenging question like, Come on, you got to get yourself {inaudible}. Its really a question of you can never gonna look at that, you can never gonna find out what are these that you love to do and youre never gonna move forward. So, if the answer is I dont know, thats ok but found out. Go and get help from somebody who can maybe ask you some of the questions and theres lots of different assessments that you can do that help you to see what youre naturally good at, what your talent is. Think about all the things that you love to do. Think about all the interests that you have, the activities that you might do outside of work and really think about what that dream in life looks like. I am not using the word career because that kind of indicates something separate. But really when I think about what you do for a living, what you do for life, think about what will really make you happy and go and find how you can do that and if you need to go and do more study, if you need to invest in your development then do it. If not now, then when? You know, the challenges when youll say Ill do that, you know, I will do that, I will do that. It just just stays out there and it stays in the distance and youll never be there. So, heres my loving challenge for you today is to bring the air and just start doing what is that you love to do. I think thats how you can make it work so that youre able to sustain yourself financially and how you can help making a part of the people as well because were not here in a vacuum. We exist in a community, whether its a local community or a global community. So, think about what you can do to just really get yourself excited and engaged of aspects about your life, I guess.

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