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Harmful phone emissions and possible solutions


_________Cynthia Sue Larson_________ I think people need to understand that they have tremendous power and so we often think that "Oh, I, myself, don't have any power to all the corporations, what voice do I have?" But when each of one cares and asks questions, we have a tremendous impact on the world. And, when each one of us says "I would have preferred to work, to have a cell phone isn't emitting so much radiation. Is it really necessary that is doing that much? Maybe we should really look into this. Maybe those studies that was promised to us by the cell companies should be done finally. Now, that it's like 10 years later, and they promised years ago. Where are they? And also why are we having the cell phone companies do the research? Why not have the government filled those studies?" You know, these are the kind of questions people can demand, and they can ask what's going on. Are we really caring about our health? Rather than just sitting back and being afraid and not wanting to look at it because it sounds too scary. I think asking the questions is the right first step and obviously in a cell phone company right now, were saying "keep the device away from your body, don't store it in your purse, you know, tuck it in your breast pocket or something. Well, so many devices now even you turn them off they're still a tracking device which can be activated so it might go active on you if you walk pass something that activates it. So, I don't know, I mean, every unit is different, each piece of technology is unique. But right now in America the FCC put a legislation through a few years ago that said "we can't protest based on health concerns, cell terror and our communities". We have no right to do so. We can only say that they are ugly or that they are reduced of property. _________ J.J. Thiret _________ So, it's not just the cell phone it's the tower emissions. _________Cynthia Sue Larson_________ Right, the tower emission. And, I think that's interesting that once again it would be nice if people would just start asking questions and take a look of some of these national policies. Who is benefiting when we say that individual person in each city has no say over the health of their residents? _________ J.J. Thiret _________ What about satellite phones? _________Cynthia Sue Larson_________ I don't know the specific of that. It seems like that would be a possible alternative. We can definitely work with a lot of other technologies that we have right now. There's no need to do everything with Wi-Fi. Um, you know, working with light itself through wires is a phenomenally powerful wake in the fields' effects. _________ J.J. Thiret _________ Yeah, fibro-optics. _________Cynthia Sue Larson_________ Fibro-optics. They could be the leading solution

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