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Having a fit and healthy body and mind


______Julie Richer_____ Well, the importance of being healthy. Oh my God, that's a part of something I really passionate about. Hmmm... Because I include that in my coaching if clients have that desire, I also include that on my workshops, I am currently writing a book as well, that is going to have big chapter about taking care of your body. So, huge importance hmmm... not only because it gives you the energy, hmmm... the confidence, because you feel and look better, the clarity of thoughts, hmmm... you know it helps you with your appetite and just gives you a better silence of groundingness as well, like I just find to take care of your body it just helps your spirit to be more live, it allows your mind to be clear, and I clothed and talked so much. Like the whole scientific, you know... hmmm meaning behind it, I may not be able to you know, explain it that way, but as far as a results, hmmm... it's huge and I mean there is just so much food that we could be putting in our bodies and I mean, probably will do. You know, even myself sometimes that, you put food in that. It's funny it has zero nutritional value to it, but we are just eating it, you know to be full, but like processed foods, like horrible... like, it's just there's nothing in there. So, hmmm... obviously if we eat... if you don't eat right foods, then you it's... it's going to affect your mind, it's going to affect how you think, you are going to may have impatience, you may have headaches, you may have you know... scientifical way of thinking and so... it totally totally does affect by yourself. You know, eating hydration is huge, you know, taking of supplements if you are not eating you know veggies and fruits, you know, then we have to talk about organic and all that stuff. I mean, it's just so much information out there that, you know you can really improve hmmm... your physical body to be in better shape, to live longer, live healthier, happier (Laughs) more energy, do these things I mean I have like books full of resources about this Mind ? Body Connection. So, all these things that, yes, sometimes you may go play hockey, and you know, follow on with ice and hurt yourself, that's why Bing right? But there's also hmmm... you know, why the knee? Why not the back? Why the shoulder and not the left leg? So there's actually a meaning behind every single disease and illness that we have, so if you result your mind, and if you deal with your emotions, then less chances of it affecting your physical body. So, really your body is a wonderful tool, because if you got... I am a French, I was going to say (French Words) [[Bubow??]] means you got... hmmm... pains. You have pains hmmm... or issues in your body that's indication that is something's off. And there's a tons of resources out there that exist, that you pick up a book and read about back ache. You know, you can read about... I like using this one, I use in some of presentations, but you have a yearn infection, you are pissed off. So, it's all related and it's a... it's incredible, the insights you can actually get. If you just listen to your body

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