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Happiness is understanding your life's purpose


What makes people truly happy? What are some other strengths and interesting sources of happiness. I know one and Im gonna share that one with you. I know that if people know their lifes purpose, then they are very happy. What is lifes purpose then? It is what you have to be while being in this physical body in this point in time while youre on earth. Lifes purpose is {inaudible). Its not your job. Its not your relationship. Its not who you are. Its not your name. Lifes purpose is the essence of your higher self. Let me give you an example, my lifes purpose in a broadest sense is to serve other people. Serve other people in healing. Making people feel better, emotionally, physically, mentally and how do I do that? Well, Ive qualified myself in certain fields, like other people have qualified themselves in other fields. This is what I am good at. This is what actually I love doing because everything that I do complement each other so well that without fail, anyone that comes through the door, can get help from me for anything because its physical and emotional. So, my lifes purpose is, is to be a bowler. A bowler of better beings or human beings. In what way? To make sure that they are balanced, physically and emotionally. Our purpose for someone else would mean something else. If I say my lifes purpose is being healer, someone else would be an educator, someone else would be an economist . All for the better of humanity, thats the secret. If you still remember your childhood, what is it that you wanted to do and what makes you happy doing it? If your job is an Accountant and you are miserable everyday, think clearly, thats not your lifes purpose. Id like to say, change jobs or find out what makes you happy and you can make a living doing it and a good living at that. Not to survive but bottom line to thrive . So, what makes me happy? It makes me happy to do what I do and thrive financially while doing it. Thats awesome. Thats lifes purpose. Thats what makes me truly happy. And you know what? That pebble in the pond, When Im happy, everyone else around me is happy. Hope you found that useful.

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