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Happiness is the building block of success


_____Madison____ in your profile that I saw and it says that happiness is the building block of success. And you know can we bisect that sentence because I really love that sentence. Let's bisect it. How do you?tell me more about it. _____Ellen______ People use the word happiness or well-being. You use either one. It's basic?well-being, welding happiness, how is that affecting everything? On a people level, people going to run from you if you don't have the sense of good outlook. If you don't have a good outlook and you're not a positive person, people are not going to gravitate towards you so right away you're at a disadvantage. If you're a manager or running a business or whatever everything comes from the top down, if you're an entrepreneur, you're everything that you think is going to be reflected on your face, you're going to ooze that feeling. So if you're talking, if you're talking to a potential investor, you're talking to anybody and you have a negative outlook you can't fake this by the way because people can read right through it. It's a deterrent. It's like having a skunk juice sprayed over you and you're going to gravitate toward?are you going to get in a car that just ran over skunk? Never because it stinks to high heaven. On unconscious level people sense this and the brain really precedes misery as a threat. That's one of the things...uhm it will runaway from that, it's fearful. Unconscious level, sometimes you just don't like being around certain people. They never did anything to you that probably very nice but just have this air of negativity about them. Nobody wants to be around somebody negative and you talk about what's necessary in the leader, he has to inspire. You can't inspire unless you have some kind of a positive outlook so it's essential. It's essential for doing business. How do you build? You can have all the right answers and have a great product but if it's people have the sense of negativity from you, it's going to be like having to run up a hill with six cars tied to your back. Yeah, maybe you're going to get to the top but oh my god it's going to take so much sweat on your end whereas if you're smiling, you know you might have some people pushing you up that hill and you'll get there faster with less sweat. So happiness are positivity well-being, a sense of well-being and air of what's possible. If a person in business you have to be aware of what's possible, you have to focus on what's possible. And how can you do that if you're negative? So and people overlook this. But this goes on any level. It's personally, if you're working for somebody, if you have your own business and for an entrepreneur for sure. It allows you to broaden your vision and to see so many things and attracts, it attracts people to you because people like people who smile. People like people who have an air of well-being about them and it's something worth cultivating. It really is

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