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Getting in shape with the help of meditation


___________Sandra___________ I were to take you back I was about 29 years old um, I was about a 100 pounds heavier than I am today. I was clinically depressed, I was off work, I was in a bad marriage, things were really in a dark place for me Well the trigger was being 29 and ready to check out. Really ready I-I was done with life like it was just not something that I could master and my cope-coping mechanism, my drug of choice was food and so I [?] that keen and I really went into a very dark place and it kind-it just ruled my life and so wanting to give up at 29 was-was a real waking up moment me it was a rock bottom and sometimes that's when you become the most willing to change, it's when you're up against that pain. And from there I slowly rebuilt my life, you know I-I went from being obese to running a half marathon but that was just the external change, the transformation was really a dedication each and every day to, my spirituality, my connection to god, making sure that I have disciplines in place with meditation, and living my life purpose which transforms my life and so I'm the c- the life coach that has walked the talk and I have much to bring my practice into my client with real word

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