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Goal in one's professional life is to find out what sucks and don't do it


There's pretty simple advice that I'll give to somebody who absolutely hates their job and their professional life and that is don't do that. I once had a boyfriend when I was in high school and he was probably wasn't very bright. But he had a really great quote that he said once that stark with me because it was one of the most intelligent things I've ever heard. And he said go that go in one's professional life is to find out what sucks and then don't do that. So if you hate your job and your professional life, you'll have it again because you already found out what sucks. So the next step is easier said and done and that is 'don't do that'. So part of that might mean taking the leap of faith, taking huge [inaudible] to your pride and leaving out of your career. Part of it might be finding a support system in order to you to be able to do that. But there's no reason why you should really beat yourself up and continue to mourn with that, that you're not having the perfect professional life because there's plenty of people who haven't realized that what they're doing sucks yet. So they're miserable but they don't hate their misery yet. And I think that is more terrible place for me to be.

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