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Getting to know that happiness is unique to everyone


I think that we define happiness at three levels (inaudible) happiness at a personality level, happiness at a soul level and happiness at a spiritual level. Happiness at personality level is very, very transient and its generally based on getting what we want or getting what we perceived that we want its usually involves other people doing what we want and so if were a hippie we dont get what we want and other people dont give us what we want so its transient, happiness is solemn to me as I understand it is a the providing knowing that you have to (inaudible) everything you can to expand and grow as an individual so that (inaudible) six months ago or two years ago it comes and expanding, evolving and growing moving more in to who and what you know you truly are on a daily basis and that of course always comes from moving outside of ones comfort zone from stretching ones capacity, emotionally, mentality moving outside ones comfort zone if youre in a spiritual level think having spiritual level is doing what you are put in to do in each and every one of us is unique and each and every one of us has a reason for being here we have a reason for being here each and one of us has a destiny most people arent fulfilling their destiny their life is more faith filled so to fulfil ones destiny always, always involves making a difference with made a difference out time on the planet, with made a difference we have many difference.

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