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Frustrations and concerns from a spiritual life coach


_________ J.J. Thiret _________ So, tell me. What is one of your biggest frustrations when it comes to doing the work that frustrates you about the work, about the client or about the business or whatever it might be. What is your biggest pain? _________ Cynthia Sue Larson_________ I think it's more of just a generic problem with the world right now, that there're so many changes happening so fast, that people feel overwhelmed by themselves included. It's just, everything from technology it seems like we used to have, what we knew as a precaution principle who respected changes in the environment and now there's much going on. So, I guess I'm political, cause', so the things that bother me or the things affecting our communities such as electron smog, or just an awareness of the effects of wireless radiations from soft towers to smart needles and so forth. It's not so much by work per say. I don't have problems with my work. But I do have issues and concerns about what's affecting our world and, I know that people don't share my concern, they really don't seem to get excited about it, because, first they are not the ones being affected by it. I think, thanks to the fact that I'm so intuitive. I do, I am electro-sensitive and I can feel the all affects of that technology. So, I don't use a cell phone, for example. Um, Wi-Fi I can be around, but it's a big concern for me right now, so that would be...I don't think that's related to work, but it's definitely my biggest concern. And, um, because I care so much about it and my background is in physics, I'm aware of the fact that organization like the [???] say there's no risk in the FCC says "you're not at risk but they're not asking doctors when they look at the world noticed organizations and doctors we find out that actually it is better to limit exposure to non-thermal microwave radiation. _________ J.J. Thiret _________ a lot of folks that do what you do which I think it's wonderful, or whether they do reiki, or whether they do meditation, or whether they do yoga. A lot of it is talking about life. And, life is energy, you know that. I've done that in physics, and again chemistry. I just didn't do at Berkley, but if life is energy, and we only see a small portion of it, what we don't see it's what we've just talked about. Microwave, thermo microwave radiation that is emitted from cellphone towers of cellphone itself we don't see it. It doesn't mean that it's not harmful. _________ Cynthia Sue Larson_________ Exactly. _________ J.J. Thiret _________ Electromagnetic spectrum is. That's the law of thermo dynamics, right? _________ Cynthia Sue Larson_________ Right. Cause' everything is vibration. So, we got invisible, um, you know, invisible wave line. So if you say everything is vibration, then everything consists of these little vibrations of light. And our sensory organs Just pick up like you said they're very narrow spectrum for vision very narrow spectrum for hearing and we know that audio and visual are both parts of a spectrum who call it AV. We know this, but people often don't have the recognition that some of these things that we just assume they're safe, maybe they're not. And, that's what I'm noticing a lot of people like myself that are energy intuitive and we're the canaries right now on the coal mine feeling this energetic effect. it's like premature thing, so people are getting, feel old faster and often visual problems because the eyes are circular, they're round. This could affect men, cause' they're round reproductive organ, so men are double exposed. I think we're going to see the implication of it in a scientific journal to the next ten to twenty years. Um, but right now we're in the mist of the biggest experience in world history. So, it's a pit. You've just asked what my biggest concern is. So, here it is.

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