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Find out what you do well and do nothing else


Hi,My name is Bruce Wade. I am your company coach. What makes people truly happy? Its a very interesting question that we chat about a lot with our clients and finding out what is true happiness which result from what is true wealth . And I think your wealth is link to your what your happiness is. What is happiness? Well, its simple. Doing the things that you were designed to do. As simple as that. if you know what gives more talent and passion that you have and understand exactly what your made up of and then finding a way to do that and earning that, that is true happiness. A simple thing is the true unhappiness is doing a stuff that you struggle with on a daily basis because youre not talented enough and you dont have a natural capability to do these things that creates frustration. Frustration leads to anger which is ultimately the opposite of happiness . Maxwell wrote as well, he says, Find out what you do well and do nothing else . That is the secret to happiness .

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