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Finding your life purpose


______Tammy Richie______ To know, like obviously, you don't want to find your life purpose the way I did, through incidence or tragedy or whatever. But, find your happy place like if I put decisions to make about my business or way to go or whatever, I'll use my intuition and I really learned to tap into that since my incident. I try not to think about it. I'm an engineer so I'm going to use my brain but I try not to think of it too much in that way. Whatever comes if you put on that, it's like a mirror, if you put on that there, it's going to come back. You know, like, using your heart and many trees of new emotion. So, my happy place if I want to put up a decision is actually water. I'm a water sign. I live in the beautiful beaches of the Gold Coast. I'm really blessed that I just go in there and you know kind a... meditate from the world and the end comes to me. The ends is within, it is within all of us. Okay and you don't need to be out to find, be unconscious to actually fall on that. You know, close your eyes, think about it, be who you want to be and be the purpose that you want to be and come up with that. I've reasonably done an awesome course, a business intensive course with some awesome speakers from America, actually they came out to Australia and it was a five day intensive course and that was absolutely amazing to try and unfold and you know educate others the way it should be and have the chosen and they spoke a lot about that, about you know the intuition and finding a problem that you can see in the world and coming up with a solution which is probably would have done here with vast question and I say with the first day of the training as well. But also, I've run as a walking proof here in Australia because I had to make my business known and been involved in networking for years. Because of that, I've built a lot of relationships, so I was able to connect some people etc. And so, out of that I've run mastermind group as well which is going to be online soon but at the moment, it's physical such as people on the couch. Yes, so they come along, they're already on business, but some of them had attended reasonably and already been in business but it really just tap into their intuition and I'm glad to them that hey! We're not actually doing the right thing but there will come with their problems and we kept these 10 of us to come up with a solution and it's been amazing to actually say that some of the results have been able to change their goals and their focus and actually do something that they really love. Coz I think that when you're in business and you've got a passion or you know anything like that, you have to actually have it as a passion so it doesn't feel like worth to you so you'll going to get more out of business and the day to day running.

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