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Finding the silverlining in a terrible disaster


__________Harry Kroner__________ Unfortunately, many people go through many different, a difficulties in life, and challenges, and we all have a, in some way or, or different things, and i think everyone experienced some, some hardship, or some difficulties in some point of their life. __________J.J Thiret__________ hmm... __________Harry Kroner__________ amm... a, and If you think about it, as, as you said; If you experiencing those difficult thing of being mobbed, ah.. and being robbed, It's, It's an unfortunate event, but it's all about how you proceed it. Okay, so what are you to do with it? what to do with that experience? should I think about; okay this was just, you know what, It's just a person that they are in a really bad spot in their life, whatever's happening in their life, the,they are taking it to a point in which they are abusing others to, to get to a, to a very low level, and seeing it; okay, okay, that's, that's was unfortunate. I'll make my, take my measures and do whatever whatever I need to do, and, and exactly what I've said that, that this is the five percent of that event happened, and you can see, see that many people, if , if, if something like for example a, a, amm.. like sample 911 happens and many people will do, and react in many different ways. It's, It's. a terrible thing, and It affected thousands of people and exactly, definitely entire world, but It's all what we've been seeing, what we take from it, so do we take the fearful tho, side of it, do we really take, amm.. the aggressive and, and fearful part, or do we try and say; okay, how, what is it that, that it happened, how can we change things to make things better for us? first of all for our safety, and things better for the world. So it's really about the approach that the, the, level of awareness to which your brain toward any event.

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