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Feel the love and eliminate hate


I've travelled all over the world, I mean that's... I just got that from Paris, a couple of weeks ago. Before that I was in California again, and then before that I was in the South of France, and I was in Switzerland and I was in Kosovo, and then, yeah. Just does here. What else's come to me my purpose, like my coaching, are you kidding me? It brings me such joy to know that everything I've been through has come to this point, so I can share. So I could take people's journeys that instead of making them longer make them shorter so they can get to those points. Let's increase relation, loving relationships with my two sons, they are nineteen and sixteen. They are amazing young men; I have so many loving connective relationships with the woman now that is complimentary instead of competitive. ________________________Madison____________________ Ooooh, big difference. _____________________Leona Wallace_____________________ Big, big, big difference. When you come walk into a room full of woman and you are all like, honestly, feeling the love, and not like "Oh, what she wearing, Oh, who does she think she is" different energy, yeah that's it.

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